We recognize the environmental responsibility that comes with being in the Mezcal industry. Therefore, sustainable production processes and environmental responsibility initiatives are essential for the long-term health of our industry, but most of all to the well-being of our planet. This is why we set off to implement the following practices that will make us one of the leaders in sustainable production of agave spirits.


Reforestation Campaign

Focusing on maintaining a healthy sustainable balance of agaves in our ecosystem, we implemented our aggressive campaign called one for one, in which we plant one agave for every bottle we produced, essentially planting 8 times the amount of agave we consume. We then relocate the agaves into the wild so they can grow in their original natural conditions.

Reforestation Campaing

The semi-cultivated agave greenhouse is an initiative we have been involved with for some time now, focusing on mantaining a healthy sustainable balance of agaves in our ecosystem by planting two agaves for every bottle we sell, essentially planting four times the amount of agave we consume. While we’ve been doing this in a small scale for a few years, we’re looking to replicate it on a larger scale by having our own land and vast space for more greenhouses.

Renewable Energy

  • Distillery: all the power used in our Vinata, including the lights, is powered by Solar Energy.
  • Milling: mechanic mills crush our agaves, which are powered by Solar Energy.
  • Distillation: instead of using wood, we use solar energy to heat our copper stills, bringing a distillation process done with solar energy.

Agave Byproducts

With the idea of using every part of the agave plant, we have found use for all of its components developing new products and transforming the waste into eco-friendly alternatives such as:

  • Agave bricks: used mainly for the construction of our new vinata.
  • Compost: we turn agave leftovers such as spikes and fibers into compost for our greenhouse.
  • Water treatment: we treat our vinazas to take away the acidity and use it for irrigation.

Recycled Materials

  • Bottles: Made from Recycled Glass.
  • Labels: From Recycled Agave Paper. The agave spikes or leaves that are leftover from the harvest are collected and transformed into a patented paper, which we use to print our beautiful labels.
  • Boxes: Recycled Carton. All of our carton boxes are made of 100% recycled material. In addition to this, we opted to reduce or even eliminate the use of color inks replacing them with organic recyclable black ink.



We represent an important job source in the community of San Nicolas Romero, providing job opportunities from harvesting to bottling our Mezcal. Our objective is to grow our company as well as the village in a sustainable way that benefits the rural communities of Durango while becoming the number one employer of the region.


We started as one of the first brands in the state of Durango producing only over a few hundred bottles a year. Today, we are one of the most important brands, and also one of the key employers in the state, giving fair and jobs to the people of rural communities, improving their living conditions with the help of this beautiful agave industry.


Bottles a Month


Local Employment


Indirect Employment

Social Responsability

We firmly believe in our responsibility of improving the human conditions of our people in the village of San Nicolas Romero; not only by providing them with an honorable living doing what they love, but also by teaching them to protect the heritage of their ethnicity, their culture and most specifically about the preservation of the environment.